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Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)  is one of my FAVORITE plants and a member of the Aster family ( those with allergies to them should be careful).  The Latin name millefolium means a thousand leaves and also named for the great hero Achilles. Other folklore names are Devil’s Nettle, Field Hops, Noble Yarrow or Old Man’s Mustard are just a few.  

Yellow variety grows wild in some areas also

In its true form it grows wild in our yard everywhere; I have some pink cultivars in my flowerbeds, but the white and yellow are my favorite. It is one of the oldest herbs for medicinal use and protection. it has such a wide range of uses that it is perfect for my apothecary. Leaves and flowers are best picked when the plant is in full bloom. I always harvest it in the morning after the dew dries and before the sun's heat evaporates the lighter essential oils.

Yarrow Leaves

Yarrow Leaves

Yarrow is a great herbal friend for colds and flu because of its antiviral action and is ideal anytime there is a fever involved in colds and not to mention, it is an amazing diaphoretic. I use 1-2 tsp of herb with a coup of boiling water & sweetened with honey (thank you bees) I drink this several times a day.

Wild Yarrow

Wild Yarrow in the Meadow

Beautiful Yarrow is an herb of Venus and dances with Saturn. Elements are earth and water. It is an excellent herb to raise vibrations and the tea helps with divination, especially if blended with Mugwort. Yarrow is used as a protectant. Long ago my ancestors wore yarrow amulets to protect against evil and hexes. They tied Yarrow bouquets to their infant’s cradle to protect it from having its soul stolen.




Pink yarrow cultivar

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This was a great read! Thank you for posting! I am curious if the “weed” in my garden given to me years ago by my dearest friend is in fact yarrow? I would love to show you a picture if you wouldn’t mind confirming ? Hugs maria hott

Maria Hott

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