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So what are these snotbots?

Salt - The Humpback Whale & Snotbots

We recently adopted a Humpback Whale called Salt *love* this...those fins are so beautiful. I just adore her babies' names :) 

here are her stats:
YEAR of BIRTH (Mother): Unknown
GENDER: Female
Salt was first sighted in 1976 which makes her among the oldest known humpbacks anywhere. Her name was inspired not by markings on her tail, but by markings on her dorsal fin. Salt’s dorsal fin has a lot of white scarring on it, and researchers thought it looked like her dorsal fin had been encrusted with sea salt. 

Many of Salt’s 13 known calves have been given names that continue the Salt theme: Crystal, Brine, and so on. Salt’s entire family is definitely an exciting one to watch; 
If you want to see Salt, try the very beginning of the season; she is usually one of the first whales to arrive on Stellwagen Bank!

Learn more about Snotbots here:

This is such a great idea for non-invasive whale study. You can read more here 


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